The She teams in Telangana have done a commendable Job and it is five years time that they have been started here to protect the girls and women. It was Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao’s brainchild that she Teams have been especially and specifically started for the protection of ladies.

The teams have quick response and they also operate in Mufti for the benefit of girls and women who are harassed by men. From 2014 they have been giving good service and it is a formidable force now.

KTR remembered today and congratulated the She Teams via twitter. He congratulated them on the occasion and urged them to continue the good work. Police from other states have also studied the good work being done by the She teams here in the state of Telangana.

When it comes to law and order Hyderabad and the state of Telangana has been in the forefront. The Telangana Police has been acclaimed as one of the best forces in the country.