KTR lauds Rachakonda police


Ignoring the new laws, rules and regulations imposed by the Central Government, the Telangana state police attached to Rachakonda have come up with an innovative method.

They are saying no to fines and challans. They are creating awareness among the commuters and buying Helmet, and other relevant papers to them with the vehicle owners money.

They are not imposing fines. The police are making the vehicle owners comply with the rules and regulations. They are buying a helmet, pollution, insurance, and other papers to the commuters.
That is one way of binding the commuters with the rules and regulations. Minister for IT KTR has appreciated teh action being taken by the rachakonda police. making the vehicle owners comply with the rules is a good development he opined.

In the same fashion, other police are also saying that if you are wearing a helmet , that is a good sign and your vehicle will not be checked. The vehicle owner must wear a helmet and that prevents the death. As the central Minister Gadkari said that prevent the death of the commuter is the main motto, then helmet is a must the police said.

So if the commuters are wearing helmets there is no problem for the police. There is no checking and harassing of the commuters in the name of papers and new rules. On the other hand, the people are having a sigh of relief as the Union Minister Gadkari has left the rules, regulations and fines to the discretion of the state Governments.