KTR is a dynamic person praises PCC Chief Uttam Kumar the PCC Chief


PCC Chief Uttam Kumar Reddy was always against the Governance of K Chandrasekhar Rao teh Chief Minister of Telangana. Uttam also id not have good relations with KTR the IT Minister also when it comes to governance.

But personally they don’t have anything going against them. But it looks like they are trying to understand each other and move forward. The other day Chief Minister KCR was seen shaking hands with Uttam Kumar at the PVV Ghat during the PV centenary celebrations.

KTR congratulate the PCC Chief Uttam Kumar Reddy for completing 5 years as the PCC chief.

Uttam felt very happy with the gesture of the CM KCR. Now Uttam certified KTR as the most dynamic person. KTR announced that the Government was working on a high-speed rail between Vijaywada and Hyderabad.

Uttam said that if this happens then the relations between Hyderabad and Vijayawada that is Andhra will develop again. This is very good he opined and said hat the dynamic person and Minister like KTR can achieve this.

He must work hard fo achieve the same Uttam suggested. Earlier people talked about Bullet Train between Vijaywada and Hyderabad. Chandrababu talked about the Hyperloop. Now KTR is talking about the High-speed rail between Vijaywada and Hyderabad.

But there is every need for High-speed transit systems between Vijaywada and Hyderabad.