KTR compliments GHMC


The Officials of the GHMC and he workers have been doing an excellent job here in the city to contain Covid Virus. The treatment is also being done in an excellent manner in Gandhi hospital.

The sanitation work is also done in a spic and span manner. Moreover, they are taking the risk in sanitising the quarantine areas and also the red sons. They are working day and night.

The police department is also cooperating with them in implementing the lockdown to a greater extent. KTR tweeted that they are doing a good job. Bonthu Rammohan the Mayor also has held a meeting and praised the work being done by the GHMC to contain the Corona her in the city.

Slowly the cases of Corona are coming down in the city. Chief Minister LCR also has expressed his happiness that due to the hard work done by the GHMC and also the police we are able to contain the Covid here in the city and also the states.

KCR is also on record saying that the status of Telangana in terms of containing the Covid is better when compared to other states. He was the person who first recommended the extension of lockdown.