KT Rama Rao dares Bandi Sanjay


Bandi Sanjay the BJP Chief should have the guts to get the ITIR or its equivalent project to Hyderabad, challenged K T Rama Rao the Minister for IT.

Sanjay the BJP Chief had written the letter only to spread lies and gain publicity through media KTR opined.

The BJP has mastered the art of spreading lies to mislead people, which is evident from the latest letter,” KTR stated.

How is Telangana responsible for the Centre’s decision to shelve ITIR projects? The BJP should apologise to the unemployed youth in the State for stepping back from the ITIR project.

If the BJP leaders have any honesty left in them, they should make the Centre issued a statement on the subject,” KTR demanded.

KTR pointed out that Union IT and Electronics Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad made a clear statement in the Parliament that the ITIR scheme has been shelved in the country and BJP State president Bandi Sanjay being unaware of this fact is a testament to his ignorance.

KTR the TRS working President and IT Minister has been replying with facts and figures to the BJP from time to time. With the campaign for the MLC election in progress, KTR is not leaving the BJP leaders.

He is not allowing them to make false statements.