krishna biorthday

Superstar the owner of Padmalaya Studios is celebrating his birthday today. His son Mahesh Babu is launching his 27nth movie today int eh evening on the eve of his father birthday.

Mahesh has the sentiment of launching or releasing a movie on his fathers birthday. Krishna is the man who has done several experiments in films. He has done all kinds of roles and his fil Allu ri Seetharmaraju is still remembered.

He has done more than 40 films with his wife Vijayanirmla who is a big lady director. All the movies launched by Mahesh on his fathers birthday were super duper hits and today namratha the wife of Mahesh will be attending the Muhurat.

Because of Corona Virus Krishna will not be having any celebration, but there will be a family get together for Krishna. Naresh the other son of Krishna will also participate in the get together in the evening.

There is also a chance that Krishna might grace the occasion of Mahesh’s film launch along with Namrtha and Gautam.