How can I share or communicate my beaming emotions with you? Words fall short to describe the warmth of joy and endearing affection you showed on me. My silence speaks volumes without ever saying a word. I feel the pride of winning a Nation and sense the instinct of embracing whole Telugu land at once.


I always had vast confidence on the interests and judgement of Telugu cinema loving audience and their empathising with good films. You gave birth to a new Krish in me by deeply respecting my first historical presentation of the story of an unsung Telugu warrior emperor Gautamiputra Satakarni.

My phone is continuously ringing with countless calls and congratulatory messages. My ears are reverberating with re-sounding sword fights on the screen and resonating claps from audience off the screen. Your slogans of Saho Satakarni in front of cinema theatres have showered millions blessings for me.

No rest, no interval, every technician and artist associated on this landmark film Satakarni are drenched in pleasure and pride. From January 12th, not for a minute their mobiles have gone idle.

Big thanks to the unequalled support and encouragement given by Press Media, Electronic Media, Social Media and all other media forms.

All I got to do is just bow my head before legendary Basavarama Tarakaputra Balakrishna for coalescing his 99 movies invaluable experience to inaugurate himself as one and only Gautamiputra Satakarni in the 100th. This victory belongs to him.

My last one word for all my Telugu audience, I discern it as a root responsibility to recount every second of my life with you.