Kondapochamma water for Hyderabad

Kondapochamma water for Hyderabad

The Kondpochmma project being launched by CM K Chandrasekhar Rao and Jeeyar Swamwy ill give water for Hyderabad, Ranga Reddy and also Medak districts.

No one thought that Hyderabad will get Godavari waters. It was the political will of KCR that we are getting the Godvary waters soon. The capacity of Kondpocahmma can quench the thirst for 3 summers.

It is like 10 Tankbund reservoirs water for the sake of Hyderabad. Now we are getting Krishna and Godavari waters which will make Hyderbad free from drinking water issues.

Some portion of water will also be used in RR district and other rural areas.

The Politicians used to say that Godavari waters were not viable for the sake of Hyderabad, but now KCR with his commitment of giving water to Hyderabad has made it possible.

Lifting the waters to around 600 metres high at sea level from Kaleshwramad sending the some by gravity to Hyderabad, Medak and RR district was not an easy task, but KCRmade it possible.

KCR will remain in hte history for the construction of Kaleshwaram project and especially making the Hyderbad self-sufficient for the drinking water.

This is the worlds biggest lift project in the world.