Kohli is Ronaldo of Cricket

It is all Kohli- Kohli any where and every where. No one predicted that they would win the first one day match. After losing 4 wickers it was very difficult . But Kohli and his team turned the tide against England.

Former England skipper Nasser Hussain compared Kohli to Real Madrid and Portugal football star Cristiano Ronaldo while giving his analysis on Sky Sports.

Kohli is Ronaldo of Cricket

“I think what Kohli is trying to do is push the boundary and raise the bar of everything he does,” said Hussain. No-one says to him ‘being captain in three forms is too much for you’, no one says ‘you can chase 300 but can you chase 350 from 63-4?’

“I read out here that he prefers [Cristiano] Ronaldo to [Lionel] Messi. Messi was given a lot of natural ability but he prefers Ronaldo, who has made himself the footballer that he is and pushed himself on and off football pitch — and that is what Kohli has done in cricketing terms,” added Hussain.

England skipper Eoin Morgan said after the match that Kohli is “fantastic” and that it was proven yet again in Pune.

“There is always something you can do even when he’s (Kohli is) in and at times the plans weren’t too far from working,” he said.

Kohli is Ronaldo of Cricket

“There was a ball that just went over (Alex) Halesy’s head… on another day that goes to hand, they’re five down and we’re into them. But he’s a fantastic player and he’s proved that over a long period of time.”