KG to PG free education soon :KCR

kcr budget

Good quality education and Medical facilities are being given by the TRS Government CM K Chandrasekhar Rao said. He was making the budget presentation here in the Assembly. The KG to PG free education will be a reality soon he explained.

Quality education and food with fine rice are being provided for the BC, SC and ST students KCR explained. The medical facilities are being extended in Hyderabad by way of basthi hospitals he said. More medical colleges are being established he said.

The pregnant women are being extended with all the facilities he stated. KCR kits are one of the successful schemes he explained. He also mentioned about Kanti Velugu or better eyesight and now ENT facilities will also be given he stated.

He mentioned the new districts and also on the restructuring of the administration in the federal format. The local bodies were given powers for self-governance and development KCR explained.
Budget Estimates 2019-20:

State‟s own revenues for BE of 2019-20 are at Rs.94,776 crore in comparison with RE of 2018-19 at Rs.72,777 crore. Transfers from the Centre as per BE 2019-20 is Rs.22,835 crore, while in RE 2018-19 these are estimated at
Rs.28,042 crore. The PragatiPaddu proposed is at Rs1,07,302crore and NiravahanaPaddu is at Rs.74,715 crore. The estimated total expenditure in 2019-20 is Rs.1,82,017crore. Of this, revenue expenditure is Rs.1,31,629 crore
and capital expenditure is Rs.32,815 crore. In 2019-20 the estimated revenue surplus is Rs.6,564 crore and fiscal deficit is Rs.27,749 crore. The fiscal deficit is 2.81 percent of GSDP.

While continuing all the development and welfare schemes, the Government proposes to introduce new schemes as per the promises made during the elections. Government worked with intense focus and delivered programs like a sacred duty. The blessings of the people are a vote on the performance. In future too, people‟s aspirations will guide us to introduce innovative schemes.

Bangaru Telangana- where verdant green crops are swaying in the wind, where there is inclusive growth – is our goal and we rededicate ourselves towards that noble goal. The Budget proposed will lead to a balanced development of all sections