Kejriwal says will vote and campaign for BJP

In an interesting comment, the Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal said that he will campaign for BJP if the NDA government accords statehood to Delhi. He was speaking in the Assembly and said that people want statehood to Delhi and of not they will send the BJP out of Delhi. That is what he said in a statement in the Assembly.


“I want to tell BJP that if before 2019 elections, Delhi is granted statehood, we’ll make sure that each and every vote from Delhi goes in your favour, we’ll campaign for you. If you don’t do so Delhi residents will put up boards saying ‘BJP leave Delhi’,” he said in the Assembly.

Kejriwal says will vote and campaign for BJP

While the opposition is ganging up against BJP and is hoping to take the support of Kejriwal, the CM of Delhi took a different decision for himself and also Delhi it looks like. He has suggested the AAP workers run the slogan LG Delhi chodo. He questioned as to why the LG should make decisions on Delhi while there is a CM and the Minister.

The people have to decide the future course of action in Delhi he suggested. This is an interesting twist to the Kejriwal and his AAP as the 2019 elections are fast approaching. It has to be seen if the NDA government would consider on the latest gamble of Kejriwal.