Kejri cant talk
Kejri cant talk

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal now cannot talk. Kejriwal who has the cough problem underwent a throat surgery at a private hospital in Bengaluru .Due to the surgery, Kejriwal will not be able to talk to for a while. He tried naturopathy but it could not solve the problem.

Kejriwal, who arrived in the city from New Delhi on Tuesday for the long-pending surgery, was first diagnosed by Narayana Health City’s medical director Paul C Salins for his bouts of coughing.To put it simply, his tongue is too big for his mouth.

Surgery for Kejriwal

“The surgery corrected an anatomical abnormality of Kejriwal’s oral-pharyngeal and palatal area, which was causing small amounts of saliva to trickle into his air passages whenever his nose breathing was affected by allergy or other factors,” said Narayana Health City in a statement.

A diabetic, Kejriwal, 48, is likely to be in the hospital for about a week under medical observation.

He was operated upon by Dr Paul C Salins, medical director and vice-president, Mazumdar Shaw Medical Centre, Narayana Health, who made the diagnosis initially on the basis of observing the pattern of his bouts of coughing.


“There was a restricted space for the movement of his tongue and an enlarged soft palate and uvula in relation to a slight increase in the volume of the tongue that caused kinematic problems in the function,” the hospital said.

“The surgery involved correction of a significant septal spur and palato-pharyngeal (small muscle at the roof of the mouth) correction. There was re-positioning of the tongue-base relationship along with the reorganisation of the chin area. The aim of the correction was functional restoration rather than that of a disease,” it added. He has been advised not to talk for a couple of days and based on his recovery, further decisions will be taken.