palla Rajeshwar Reddy

Uttam Kumar Reddy is afraid of losing the election in Huzur Nagar said Palla Rajeshwar Reddy the in charge of the poll here for the TRS. He said that the leaders from other parties were joining the TRS left and right.

Palla Rajeshwar said that there was no way the Congress was going to win the election. The people have decided to vote for the TRS and they want the Governance of KCR for development of the constituency.

The people are fed up with the Congress rule he stated. The TRS has lost with a slender a margin and now it is poised to get the good majority he said. KCR will come to the constituency after the election and would announce the programs for the development of Huzurnagar he said.

If the Congress wins it would benefit only one constituency and if the TRS wins it would help the development of the area he explained. Congress is a sinking ship he explained.

There is almost no Congress across the Country he pointed out. So it was of no use to vote for the Congress he said. He was hopeful that the TRS would win with a handsome majority. He requested all the people to come for voting early and participate ina big way.