I met KCR on behalf of my party, and I am sure the people will make him the CM again said Asaduddin Owaisi the MIM chief and Hyderabad MP.You will see the results and it will be for KCR and there is no doubt about it. KCR will form the Government without any others support. He does not require any parties support at all. MIM is with him and he will not need our support also. Asad was addressing the media after meeting KCR at Pragathi Bhavan.He will get a good majority. There is no doubt about it. My meeting with KCR is that I am with the TRS. The people have voted KCR for the new government. He will work for Telangana and also National building said Asaduddin Owaisi.

I told after the polling and KCR will be the CM again. If someone is talking to me he must tell what is that. I am very clear KCR will be the CM he said. He will not require any ones support, he will form the Government on his own. Now people will know how peaceful is Hyderabad. This weather is good for car and byke he said. I will meet him again tomorrow he said. We are with KCR and what is wrong with that Owaisi questioned? We will not join the Government and we are like fakir for the seva of the people he said. We discussed a lot about National Politics Owaisi said. The BJP will go down further he said. I am confident, KCR is confident. He is forming the Government. Uttam was watching a movie in a theatre and let him sit there. The weather is good for riding a byke he said. We want Telangana to progress and we will stand with KCR he said.