Most of the Astrology predictions are giving a thumbs up for K Chandrasekhar Rao as the Chief Minister of Telangana. In fact, after taking care of the right time, he has dissolved the Assembly and is pretty confident that he would come to power. That was the reason he could dissolve the Assembly not bothering about the future as it is bright.

Yesterday a popular Astrologer by name Kadali Satyanarayana has analysed the Kundali of KCR and said that Shani Graha which gives political power is all in favour of KCR and that is the reason he would become the Chief Minister in December again. Unconfirmed reports say that the CM will take the oath on 23rd December.

The Guru Graha has turned in favour of KCR from 11nth of this month and that makes all the difference. From 7nth November the Kuja Graha is also turning in favour of KCR and this will also help KCR in winning the elections again. In the same fashion, several other astrologers have predicted KCR coming back to power again.

So one can blindly bet on TRS and KCR for another term as the Chief Minister of Telangana.