K Chandrasekhar Rao who will start the election campaign today would ask the people that they should not vote to the bosses of Delhi or Amaravathi. Delhi means Congress and BJP.

Amaravathi means TDP. The leader is all set to begin the carpet bombing across the state so that there will be no stone unturned.

KCR the caretaker Chief Minister of Telangana is all set to resurrect the self-respect sentiment in the Telangana people in the coming poll campaign. KCR would ask the people to have their own pride and rule in the state of Telangana.

Legend NTR also turned the wave towards the TDP in the name of self-respect of Telugus.

It may be remembered that NTR the legend earlier brought the TDP to power in 9 months time in the name of Atmagauravam-meaning self-respect of Telugus. With this self-respect slogan, he could trounce the Congress and shake it at the National level.

Chandrasekhar Rao will also remind Telangana people of the self-respect of the Telanganites. He would tell them that after fighting for 14 years we got this freedom and they cannot give it back to Delhi or Amaravathi.

We must rule ourselves and the Governance should be in our hands for further development of Telangana he will suggest.

But the TRS leaders and cadres have said that KCR is the election slogan and they would win the election just with his name. The KCR mantra with welfare Tag would get them the desired results. That is the confidence that they have on the leadership of KCR.

Most of the candidates are depending on the KCR campaign and he also assured them while dissolving the Assembly, by saying leave it to me.

They were apprehensive about the early poll, but KCR just said leave it to me.