Chief Minister Sri K Chandrashekhar Rao desired that the Palle Pragathi Programme, aimed at make the villages clean and green should be implemented with more perfect strategy. He said that the sanitation works should be done in the villages on a daily basis and for the cleanliness of the villages every day sanitation works should be done without fail.

The CM said very soon he would undertake surprise visits to review how the Palle Pragathi works are being done and how officials and people’s representatives are doing their jobs? He wanted the officials and public representatives to actually do their duties and not confine themselves to take a photo shoot.

Works to improve the sanitation in the villages should be taken up. With inspiration drawn from the Palle Pragathi, Pattana (town) Pragathi programme will also be launched shortly.

“People either live in the villages or in towns. If both these places are good everything will be good. Hence, the government wanted villages and towns should be good. Initially, we have started Palle Pragathi programme. We have filled up all the vacancies in the Panchayat Raj department. We have appointed village Secretary in all the villages. We have hiked the salaries of the Panchayat Raj employees. Every month we are releasing Rs 339 crore without fail. We have made one tractor available in every village. When the government is giving so much support and encouragement, our villages and towns should be good. The Villages and towns should be improved come what may. We have created Plant Nurseries in all the villages. Make it compulsory to plant and grow trees at every place and in all the villages. Clean the roads every day and keep the villages clean and tidy. Clean the drainages. It is not enough to do these works for some days and forget about them later. Every day the assigned works should be done in every village,” the CM said.


“Certain Ministers, Collectors, public representatives giving poses to the photo shoot in media claiming that they are cleaning the villages as part of Palle Pragathi programme for publicity sake. This is not correct. They are not there to clean the villages with a broomstick. They are there to ensure work assigned is done properly. We have recruited the required staff in Gram Panchayats. We have hiked the salaries. Tractors are there. Use the Tractors and make the employees work.

But don’t do things for namesake. Find out how works related to clean and green in the villages are going on. What progress the village is making? Do all the concerned discharging their duties properly? To find out these things I will make surprise visits to the villages,” the CM said.