KCR starts Rs 10 lakh distribution for Dalit families


Huzurabad constituency should set an example for the entire country for the development of Dalits said KCR the CM of Telangana. It is time that discrimination towards Dalits ends and they are given opportunities to prosper,” he added.

KCR was speaking at a meeting where he distributed the Rs 10 lakh cheques to 15 Dalit families here.

Chandrashekhar Rao reiterated that the beneficiaries were free to choose their profession — self-employment or business models — to utilise the funds under the Dalit Bandhu scheme. The officials will guide the beneficiaries who are unable to decide on the business ventures.

He said the entire Rs 10 lakh will be given as a grant and urged the beneficiaries to strive to earn Rs 20 lakh over the next one year using the funds. “We will implement reservations for SCs in government contracts and licenced shops like fertilizers and medical shops. They must strive hard to turn this scheme into a movement that will create history in other states as well,” he emphasised.

To ensure that the scheme is implemented effectively and the funds are not misused, the Chief Minister has developed a fool-proof mechanism. District Collectors will facilitate the opening of new bank accounts for the beneficiaries and deposit the financial assistance of Rs 10 lakh each into these bank accounts.

The beneficiaries will be given special debit cards to withdraw the amount as per their needs. The officials will monitor the expenditure and progress of each beneficiary towards their socio-economic empowerment.

The State government will form Dalit Bandhu Samithis on the lines of Rythu Bandhu Samithis at the village, mandal, Assembly constituency, district and State levels. A strong force of about one lakh will be created to monitor and support the beneficiaries for the effective implementation of the scheme.

Further, about 25,000 Dalit elected representatives also will be involved in the implementation of the scheme. Together, they will control the proposed Dalit Protection Fund which will be used to help the beneficiaries in case of any setbacks suffered in their ventures.