The elections could be in December, get ready for the polls is the latest pharmana given to the party cadres by the core team of the TRS. After meeting Pm Modi and coming back to Hyderabad, KCR is a changed man and he is in a hurry to get the things done.

If the resignation of Danam Nagendar is taken seriously, one can say that the TRS is gearing up for the elections this year end. Nagendar might contest for MP also from the TRS it is reported. There are hush-hush talks that it is Minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav and IT Minister KTR who got Nagendar into the TRS fold.

Earlier Nagendar tried to join the TRS, but the party was not in a position to give what all he wanted. But the wish list now is a small one. He might be an MP or an MLA in the coming elections.

 danam nagender kcr

The City will be taken care by Srinivas Yadav and Danam Nagendar in the near future. It was Yadav who took Nagendar into TDP earlier and the same person is showing the way into the TRS. KCR has more or less agreed for Nagendar joining the party.

It is reported that apart from getting ready for the elections, KCR has set a target of hundred seats for the party.
He has suggested the top rung leaders work in all the directions in terms of publicity. The development and the welfare schemes should be highlighted he suggested.

KCR,KTR,Harish Rao and kavitha will travel the length and breadth of the state in the initial stages and this will continue till the elections are held.

Farmers, agriculture, irrigation, double bedroom, drinking water, passbooks, farmers cheques will be the key areas of propagation from time to time. Farmers insurance, financial assistance will take the main lead in the publicity material.

All the mediums of publicity will be targeted from time to time apart from participating in the discussion and talking to the people via TV. The campaigning will be opened with full throttle once the election notification is given by the EC.

u. srinivas