K Chandrasekhar Rao the Chief Minister of Telangana is eligible in every way for the prestigious Nobel Prize said the Joint Secretary from Centre Vipin Chandra. Vipin Chandra is a member of the Central Jalashakthi Abhiyan.

It may be noted that the senior IAS officer toured the pumphouses under the SRSP at Rampur in Jagityal district along with the district collector A Sharath.

After looking at the Pump houses and other constructions, Vipin Chandra said that KCR is eligible for getting the Nobel Prize as he was taking up huger projects for quenching the thirst of the people of Telangana and also for the sake of irrigation purpose.

The Officials of the Engineering department explained to Vipin Chandra about the details of the Kaleshwaram project and the water that it would be giving to the people of the state.

People say that there would be water wars in the future, but KCR has already answered the issue Vipin stated. He complimented KCR for taking up these projects. He deserves Noble prize for quenching the thirst of the people in General and also providing water for the irrigation apart from not allowing the water to get wasted.

This is the first time that the projects were taken up on a large scale he opined. Nowhere in the country, such mammoth works are taken up Vipin explained. He also complimented the Officials and the district collector for doing the land pooling at a faster pace for the irrigation projects.