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Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao is very unhappy with the pace of works going at the Yadadri Temple. KCR walked inside the Lakshminarasimha Swamy Temple for about 3 hours and expressed his unhappiness.

He visited the Temple earlier in February and said that so far very less work has been done. If this pace is followed then we cannot complete the works in the next 5 years he said.

There will be no formal inauguration for the renovated temple but some Pujas will be done. The Maha Sudarsana yagam is being scheduled for next February and by that time the Presidential suits and other accommodation has to be ready, the chief Minister ordered.

So far nearly Rs 700 crore has been spent on the development of the Temple and also the surroundings. But a lot of work is pending. President Kovind, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be invited apart from VVIPs at the International level.

Accommodation is the main issue and the cottages have to be ready by January end 2020. This is not the way the Chief Minister told the stapathi, Architect Anand Sai, Kishan Rao and others who are looking after the supervision of the works. Is this the way he questioned them?

KCR also suggested some changes here and there for the ongoing works which were very practical in nature. In the name of Vassthu and design, the architect and ignored the reality and practical issues and KCR corrected them on the spot by spelling out the difficulties that the pilgrims would face in future.

The officials were surprised at the knowledge and practical thinking of KCR.