The way K Chandrasekhar Rao has been dealing with the Corona is getting him all-round appreciation. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also appreciated teh way KCR has been dealing with the situation and assured him of all the help.

KCR thanked the Prime Minister for the same. On the other hand KCR yesterday assured the workers from other states who are in Telangana, that the Government would give them food and shelter.

He advised the migrant workers not to venture out of the borders in big groups which would not help in stopping the Corona. He wanted the workers to stay at the place they are and take the ration from the Government apart from some money till the work resumes here.

Thre is no need of going out of the state he suggested. This has instilled confidence in the migrant workers who are in Telangana. The farmers are jubilant that they will get the money into the banks for their produce.

The Government would purchase the farm produce at home it was assured. Now they need not move out the Government officials will come and purchase every grain of the produce from the farming community.

This kind of assurances have made a big difference to the people in general and also the farmers in particular. They are a happy lot in Times of Crisis.