It looks like KCR is a better presenter than our Tech Savvy Chandrababu Naidu from Andhra Pradesh. Earlier it was Chandrababu who was close to PM Modi and he used to get things done easily via Venkaiah the present Vice President of India.

But in the recent times, the TDP parted ways with the BJP and Modi and is not on good terms with them. But KCR who used to be away from Modi and BJP is now very close to them and in August he met Modi more than two times and convinced him for the things to be done for Telangana.


It is reported that by the next elections in Telangana, the wish list of KCR will be fulfilled. To this extent, Modi has assured KCR. He returned from Delhi as a happy man and earlier KTR the son of KCR also got the opportunity meet Modi the PM.

What more the Telangana and TRS need. It is a great achievement for the people of Telangana.

People say that KCR has floored Modi and Shah Jodi and that was the reason that the centre was prepared to do things for Telangana. The wish list of KCR will be fulfilled in the coming days and at the earliest possible.

The idea is to encourage KCR for the Assembly and take the support for the MP elections. But Modi and Shah did not bother to consult the Telangana BJP leaders over this matter. They just decided on their own in Delhi.