K Chandrasekhar Rao the Chief Minister of Telangana congratulated Padma Rao for getting elected as the Deputy Speaker unanimously. Talking here in the Assembly on the third day, KCR said that he knows Padma Rao since last 20 years and he has risen from a corporator to Minister and now is the deputy speaker of the TS Assembly.

KCR praised that Padma rao was instrumental in running the Telangana agitation here in the city. He reminded of the meeting at Parade ground which was a grand success.


Minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav said that there is no bonalu festival in city without the Presence of Talasani and Padma Rao. He said that both of them were aware of the issues for the people in the city.

Minister Etela reminded of the loud voice of Padma Rao who shook the opposition earlier in the house. MLAs called Padmarao as Pajjanna and all of them liked him. He was instrumental in removing the Gudumba from the city.

Harish Rao the MLA said that he and Padma Rao worked together for the last 20 years from the agitation days. MLA Padma Devendar was of the opinion that Padma Rao can convincene each and everyone in the house.