KCR compliments people @ Deepotsavam

CM KCR complimented NTV Chowdhary for doing this crore Deepotsavam since last several years. This is our tradition. Chowdhary has brought the pancharam to NTR stadium he said.

He complimented about the jwalathoranam arranged here.

I told Chowdhary that the money earned should be spent for charity also. Doing it with utmost tradition and commitment is needed. Bhakti is needed KCR complimented.

I am a very religious person and I know the pros and cons of this programme KCR explained. I am immersed in this bhakti programme. More programs of this kind are needed KCR said.

Minister Indrakaran Reddy and Union Minister Chowdary also attended the meet.

KCR compliments people @ Deepotsavam