While the states are fighting for waters the centre is not doing anything Telangana CM KCR said. After meeting Deve Gowda the former PM on the formation of an alternative to BJP and Congress, KCR said that he was ready to campaign for the JD-S here in Karnataka. If invited I will campaign in Karnataka for JDS and suggest Telugu people vote for JDS.

KCR said that even after 70 years Congress could do nothing for the contry. Two states are fighitng for Cauvery waters and the BJP is doing nothing to resolve the issue he said. The water Tribunals are also unable to resolve the issue properly he opined.

The peoples front coming up as an alternative to the Congress and BJP will be the kingmaker in the next elections KCR announced.

KCR to campaign in Karnataka

On the other hand Deve Gowda also criticised the misrule of the Congerss since decades. He opined that a strong alternative at the centre must emerge at the earliest. He praised the Governance of KCR and said that the welfare schemes being implemetned by the TRS Government for th epeople of Telangana are praise worthy.

Prakash Raj who was also present with KCR said that the people must understand as to who is really serving them. The people must pave way for the change he suggesed. They must know who is good for them and vote them he said. He was confident that the people will vote for the required change.