TRS chief and caretaker Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao will be campaigning extensively from Diwali to December 5. He is getting ready to meet the people in 100 constituencies by various means of Transport. KCR will be using the Chopper and also a bus to reach out to the people close in person. He will fly to the districts and then board a bus to go into the villages and also address the scheduled public meeting and also roadside meeting wherever required.

Before his arrival, the cultural troops will sing and dance on the development. Songs on the development and various welfare schemes will also entertain and educate the public. Meanwhile, the MLAs have completed the first round of campaigning in most of the constituencies. The urban is being looked after by KTR the son of KCR.

KCR election campaign

Gajwel in specific and some part of the rural is being looked after by Harish Rao. Kavitha is looking after Nizamabad and other areas.

The social media is also being used extensively. The Singam act of KCR, thrashing Chandrababu and Uttam Kumar is a super hit on mobiles. He is riding a motorbike in police dress and beating the opposition black and blue. People are enjoying this.

The leaders of various associations and caste groups have also come forward and declared in open that they would vote for TRS. So far no one has pledged support to Prajakutami like this.

More or less the election is already in favour of TRS.