KCR vs amit shah
KCR Blasts Amit Shah-says all blatant lies

Amit Shah is not speaking truth and he is not giving facts said Chief Minister K Chandrasekhr Rao here at a Press meet in Pragathi Bhavan. The people know the facts and we need not elaborate about the misleading talks of BJP Chief Amit Shah he said.

TS is the richest place and we are competing globally he said. We are competing with Agriculture policy,Solar, IT policy, power situation and other things he said.

We are acknowleded and appreciated praised globally KCR said. Personally they can say whatever they want against me he said. You cannot blame the state and devlopment in the state he opined. Even PM is praising us he said. He mentioned about Mission Kakatiya, Bagheeratha schemes. UmaBharathi wanted TS model of development to be copied he reminded.


Amit Shah is leading the country as BJP chief and he should not talk like that he said. I want to become the PM , Can I become the PM , it is like a joke he said. He opine that coming to power by the BJP in the state is not a joke he said. The people will decide he said. We will fight and win he said.
I am not bothered on political front and Iam not politically motivated at this juncture he said.
Whatever NJP Chief is presenting are blatant lies he clarified. Most of the states are deficit states in all aspects he said.

But Gujarat, Maharashtra, TS, and other states ranging from 6 to 7 are supporting the nation, and these are the facts he stated. Amit Sah must find acts adn then talk to the people and should not mislead them he suggested. Rs 32186 crores is the IT we are paying to the centre he said. He reeled out various facts and figures which are being paid by the TS to the centre.

We gave them about 50000 crore and they gave us about 26000 crore he said. From where did the BJP gave us one lakh crore he questioned. We are feeding the centre, the BJP chief should answer this question he demanded.
You are not giving anything to TS he clarified. The allegations made by AmitShah are not correct he said. What is that additional Rs20000 crore you are giving he questioned. He challenged Amit Shaha to clarify these issues he said. You are not giving just 200 crore he said. I am offended and feel sorry for the wrong comments made by Shah he said.


The Universities are givng by the parliament act and not by the centre he said. Where is teh Tribal universty , it si yet to come he said. As a National party president he should not talk like this KCR said. Where and when did they give us 1 lakh crore he questioned. The funds are given on central devolution to all the states and nothing new in this he said. All states are getting and we got it and nothing special for us he said.
Give respect and take respect he said. You just cannot reel out and go out he said. Being the chieff of a ruling party at the centre one must get the facts right he stated. The centre is due to the extent of Rs10000 crore he said. He just ruled out the possibility of BJP coming to power here in the Telangana state. The reality is different and he is talking something else KCR said.

We are giving 38lakh pensions he said. TS is Spending Rs 5000 crore for pensions alone he said. Centre gives just Rs 200 crore for the pensions he said. Amit Shah made politics and mislead the people. The BJP chief must apolozise to the people of TS he said. If I am not right then I am prepared to resign KCR challenged Shah. We exporting around 1 lakh crore of IT know how he said. Shah is making cheap politics and hampering the growth of the state he said. The investors will have doubts on your talk and we are one of the richest states in India he said.

The dalit brothers must know the facts he said. The food is not from dalits and it was booked by Reddys for Shah and others he said. Shah is not an ordinary man he is the president of the ruling party of the country. I am pained by his talk he said. KCR will not tolerate if some one speaks against the state he said.

Dalit wadas you must eat on the floor he said. Chinta samba murthy dalit was standing like a servant he stated. BJP cannot win with cheap tactics and gimmicks he said. The state division is not complete so far he said.