KCR always bothered about villages


Parliament member Nama Nageshwar Rao praised the efforts of KCR by saying that he was the only leader and the Chief Minister of Telangana who always bothered about the welfare of the rural masses.

Nama after travelling in an RTC bus here in Khammam said that the RTC is also being developed to cater to the needs of the villagers and also the rural masses.

He said that a lot of development has taken place in villages with the distribution of potable water and also the water for irrigation. On the other hand, Minister Satyavathi Rathod said that Telangana was one state which was giving fine rice to the students in the hostels apart from giving nutritious midday meal to the school students.

No other state is able to take care of the welfare of the students in the hostels she said. Even the residential schools for the Minorities were being taken care of very well by the TRS Government.

Apart from education, the hostel facility is also being arranged by the Government and they are getting a very good education and also food in the residential schools across the state.