Former MP from Nizamabad and Jagruthi Chief Kalvakuntla Kavitha opined that these days it is very difficult to preserve out past culture. She appreciated the Deepanjali organisation for taking up the cause and promoting the dance program of Rukmini Krishna. Kavitha said that Rukmini has depicted the theme Bhagavathma very well in the given time.

She said that people like Deepika Reddy who are running the cultural organisations like Deepanjali must get support from all sections of the society. Jupally Rameshwar Rao the popular realtor and board member of the TTD also appreciated the way Bhagavatham has been depicted in the dance form in just one and a half hours time.

kalvakuntla kavitha

This kind of programs entertain us and also encourage us to follow the god he said. Deepika Reddy said that if women decide things will happen. She said that the program was possible with the help of the Deepanjali students.

She wanted women to come forward in every walk of life and success will definitely come in the meantime. lyric writer Sirivennala Seetharama Sastry also appreciated the dance show.

He opined that it is our duty to protect our culture and depict our dharma. The dancer has done her best in depicting the Bhagavatham in the given time he opined.

The people in society must strive for protecting the Telugu language and also the native culture Seetharama Sastry.