Katthi brands Pawan as agnanavasi

Katthi brands Pawan as agnanavasi

Katthi Mahesh the film critic is back with his satires against the Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan. It is a knows fact Pawan acted in a film called Agnathavasi which was a big flop directed by Trivikram Srinivas. Now Kathi after a long gap has named Pawan as an agnanavasi meaning person having no knowledge. We have to see how Pawan reacts to this.

People thought that there was a truce between Pawan and Mahesh. But now it has resurfaced again.

It looks like Pawan has talked about the constitutional crisis in terms of Chandrababu protests in front of the parliament. Kathi shot of two questions and asked Pawan to explain what is a constitution or constitutional crisis. How does Chandrababu’s protest lead to a constitutional crisis? He gave 15 marks to the two questions that he has posted.

One has to see how Pawan is going to answer them and how long is he going take. No one knows as to why Katthi has started attacking Pawan all of a sudden. People said they have patched up. Is katthi inspired by the TDP is the question. Now Katthi is planning to contest the elections and will it be against Pawan is another question.