The Madhya Pradesh Government is in severe crisis, with 17 MLAs going out of the Congress party. They are staying a hotel and are being taken carer of by the Personal Assistant of Jyothiraditya Scindia.

There are indications that Scindia might join the BJP and all set to form the Government. out of the 17 MLAs who have deserted the Congress,6 of them are ministers.

It is reported that Scindia is in touch with the top BJP leaders and all set to form the next Government in Madhya Pradesh.All the 17 of them are in a hotel in Bengaluru. It is an IT Hub and they are being taken care of by the PA of Scindia.

There are indications that horse-trading kind of business is going on. The Congress MLAs have already met under the leadership of Kamalnath and Digvijay Sing and are trying to lure back Scindia and make him the President of the state Congress party.

It looks like the top leadership in the Congress party is groping in dark. Scindia was seen driving out of his house on his own. The BJP, on the other hand, hinted that all are welcome into the party.

The BJP at the same time it is reported that it would make Scindia as the Rajya Sabha member.