Kamal Hassan is the big boss
Kamal Hassan is the big boss

Kamal Hassan the veteran actor is gearing up for his television debut as the host of Tamil version of Bigg Boss. In an interview , he said, he chose to be part of the show because of its reach. “I would say that it is the demography of the audience and the number of people you can reach that made me take this.

And, of course, the money you get also matters. I am in this business for the money, and I won’t be doing films for free. What also matters is that television’s reach is fantastic because in the case of movies, you have to sell tickets, etc. So, for me, the more the merrier. Both the audience and the money is good.”

Kamal Hassan

Kamal also spoke about how he will not miss an opportunity to direct a television series. “But, once again, the money should be right. They got into it because there is more money in it than Hollywood films, and actors are coming in, too. The small screen is giving a run for the money for the complacent Hollywood, which knows only Hunger and Games.”

The Tamil version of the show will be made on a much bigger scale. As many as 15 participants will be part of the show’s first season and will live in the house for 100 days. A palatial house with all the facilities is currently being constructed in Chennai’s EVP theme park.