Kalvalu-Cheruvulu-Reservoirs is KCR

cm kcr

K Taraka Rama Rao the Minister for IT and industries has coined new works in the name of K CR> K means Kalvalau, C means Cheruvulu and R means reservoirs. All of re the sake of irrigation and drinking water;

Today KCR along with Jeeyar Swamy has launched the works biggest project and the highest level of water pumping in the name of Kondpochamma project to quench the thirst of Hyderabad, Medak and also RR district
This is an engineering marvel where the water pumped is rising ot around 600 metres an then it travels in the form of gravity to places envisaged.

So KTR the son of KCR has summoned up the name by saying it is nothing but canals, Cheruvulu and reservoirs. They are providing water for irrigation and drinking purpose.

This makes Telangana the rice bowl for India. All the barren lands will be irrigated and the water especially the groundwater levels will rise across the states. Diggin borewell si also very easy now.

This is the worlds largest multistage irrigation project and done in the short span of time.