cji bobde


Justice should not become revenge opined CJI Bobde. The justice will lose its character in case it is implemented like taking the revenge he stated.

Justice should not be misunderstood as revenge he said. His response came a day after 4 rapists were encountered early in the morning when the rape and murder of a young doctor was being reconstructed by the police along with the accused.

Justice loses its character if it becomes a revenge Bobde is said to have stated.

“Recent events in the country have sparked off the old debate with new vigour. There is no doubt that the criminal justice system must reconsider its position and attitude towards laxity and eventual time it takes to dispose of criminal matters. But, I don’t think justice can ever be or ought to be instant. And justice must never ever take the form of revenge. I believe justice loses its character of justice if it becomes revenge,” Bobde added.