Jr NTR for Aha and Akhanda


While Junior NTR is talking to Mahesh on Evaru Mee Lo Koteeshwarulu. Balakrishna is planning to talk to NTR for Aha in the name of Unstoppable.

Allu Aravind the senior producer and owner of Aha platform is talking to NTR who would be coming back to Hyderabad by this month-end. NTR is on a Holiday and is expected to participate in the promotions for RRR.

At the same time, he is expected to talk to Balakrishna over the hot show called unstoppable which has become very popular on Aha. Being hosted by Balakrishna the show is getting good TRPs it is reported.

Balakrishna is also busy with the launch of his latest movie Akhanda. Junior NTR will also come as the guest of Babais Akhanda for Boyapti it is reported.

So NTR will have to promote, Akhanda, RRR and also Aha. One for himself and the other for the sake of Babai Balakrishna. Right NTR is enjoying a holiday after a big project called RRR.

After that NTR will work for Koratala Shiva on a new project with a political theme.