Jeevitha Rajashekar

In continuation of the casting couch issue, Sandhya woman activist of POW alleged that Jeevitha the wife of Rajasekhar arranged hostel girls for her husband. Sandhya said that a girl called her that Jeevitha was sending girls to her husband to satisfy his desires.

Jeevitha said that she was taking legal action against Sandhya and also the news channel that aired the false allegations against her and her husband.

She also suggested the filmi people who were facing allegations from Srireddy to come out in spell out the truth from the other side. She said that Sandhya has no right to talk about her and her family members making wild allegations. She also opined that the so-called ladies who are blaming others in the name of casting couch are not kids.

 Jeevitha to take legal action against Sandhya

They could have resisted she said. They could have complained Jeevitha opined. Let them come up with evidence I will take of those people, slap them with Chappals Jeevitha assured.

Jeevitha is also central censor board member. Not all the industry is bad, there could be some people who are bad, but the will not be spared she assured.