Janasena Pavan Kalyan loses his glass


After getting a super-duper hit called Vakeel Saab, Pavan apart from getting Corona has also lost his election symbol Glass. The EC has withdrawn the Glass from Janasena and they can allow it to any party now.

The request made by Janasena was not in order and the EC did not agree to reallocate the glass symbol. Now Janasena will get a new symbol and they have to choose from the symbols given by EC.

The situation is not clear if the BJP is clearly travelling with Janasena. There is a talk that Janasena might go on its own. Pawan has made it clear that he will not leave films for the sake of politics.

That means politics will be a part-time issue for Pavan. But some BJP leaders have announced Pavan as the next CM of AP. Will he make use of this opportunity?

How far the BJP will help Pavan to become the CM of AP has to be seen. Right now Pavan is taking a rest in a hospital in Hyderabad for Corona.

He has posted that due to Corona he will not be able to move out and meet anyone in the next two weeks.

The result of the Tirupathi election will also pave way for the future relations of the BJP and Janasena in AP.