The centre ruled by the BJP Government finally agreed for Jallikattu by way of an Ordinance. The centre could not say no to the Tamil people desire for Jallikattu.One of them was a villain in Kamals movie. Now the director wanted Kamal to become a villain for Rajinis movie. But this did not materialise.

Rajini and Kamal both are legends on their own in the film world. They have a huge fan following across the Nation and across the world. But they did not come together for the movies in the recent times.

Shankar the ace director who made films with both of them wanted them to come together for the Robo 2. Shankar suggested that Kamal Hassan to take the role of Villain. It could not happen.

Jallikattu unites the legends

But for the first time they agreed on an issue. They came out in open and supported Jallikattu. They gave statements in favor of Jallikattu.

Rajinikanth has enjoyed an unprecedented reign across the pan-Indian diaspora for the longest time. Kamal Haasan, on the contrary, is counted amongst the best actors the country has seen yet.

Rajinikanth, incidentally had debuted as a villain opposite the then chocolate hero, Kamal, in ‘ Apoorva Ragangal’ . Their last film together was the Amitabh Bachchan starrer ‘ Giraftaar,’ though they didn’t have scenes together.

Now, over thirty years down the line, they have reunited again!However, it’s not for a film, as yet.At a recent award show, Rajinikanth awarded Kamal with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

The two, although professional rivals, have been extremely close friends ever since their first collaboration.

Jallikattu unites the legends

Though Shankar had approached Kamal for the antagonist’s role in ‘2.0,’ the coup hadn’t materialised. The role ultimately went to Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar.

The two had also been quite vocal of their criticism of the Supreme Court’s ban on Jallikattu.

It looks like fans can’t wait to watch the two weave their magic again, on-screen. They compete in movies, but when it comes to real life they are very close to each other it is reported.

Many producers are trying to see if they come together for a movie. They want the magic to flow on the screen.