Jaggareddy a bogus MLA

China Prabhakar the former MLA of TRS ridiculed that Jaggareddy is a bogus MLA and not bothered about the plight of the public. While the Sangareddy people are having the trouble of Corona, the MLA is busy making statements against Finance Minister Harish Rao he said.

Jagareddy is just busy with the social media and TV channels and not doing anything for the people he charged. People know what is Harish Ra o and they will not take the allegations of Jaggareddy seriously he opined.

What is the stature of this Congress MLA to criticise Harish Rao he questioned? Harish Rao is one of the senior-most and sincere politicians he said.

Whatever Jaggareddy talks he mus come with evidence Chinta Challenged. Otherwise, his allegations will have no value in the public he said. The MLA must be with the people do something for them rather than making allegations and fake statements he suggested.

The people of Sangareddy who voted for Jaggareddy will soon turn against him, Chinta Prabhakar predicted. Jaggreddy is making noise like empty vessels he opined.

Even Prime Minister Modi is praising the efforts of the work done by the TRS Government under KCR in controlling he Covid he reminded. Jaggreddy must know the facts and reality before making any allegations he stated.