Jagan wants Prashant Kishore again



Prashant Kishore the poll strategist was instrumental in giving power to the YSRC in Andhra Pradesh. It was Prashant who advised Jagan to go on a padayatra and then the things slowly followed in favour of the YSRC and Jagan.

With the help of Prashant Jagan could turn the tables on Chandrababu Naidu wiht some back door push from the BJP. But Jagan is unable to keep the momentum. He is getting defamed day in and day out.

After 6 months people are vexed with Jagan and there are a lot of articles against Jagan and YSRC Government in the National Media. The so-called media advisor to Jagan at National level is unable to contain the negative writeups against the YSRC Government.

Now Jagan has already summoned Prashant to look into the National media which is going against him. Sand and Telugu language are the two major issues that are taking Jagan left and right all the time.

People like Baba Ramdev are talking against Jagan for taking up English up to 6th in AP. Amaravathi is another issue where investors are going back. Now Prashant is going to advise Jagan on all matters at the National level. Now we have to see what the two media people from Sakshi as government advisors will do in the near future.