It looks like Lokesh the MLC and former Minister from TDP has sharpened his knives to hit the YSRC leaders. Lokesh who was trying to match his attack with the Minister Anil Yadav succeeded in that.

Both Chandrababu, Senior NTR and also Jagan were dragged into the controversy and abused in the process. During the discussion in the legislative council, Lokesh said that they were not like Jagan who used to attend the court on every Friday. Anil Shot back by saying they were not like Chandrababu who backstabbed NTR and has come to power. Anil chided that being in Telugu states Lokesh does not know Telugu properly. Lokesh shot back by saying that Jagan looted Rs 43 lakh crore from the state.

Lokesh at this juncture agreed that he does not know English properly and that he made mistakes now and then.


Lokesh said that he was not like the leader who looted the state and was talking of stopping the corruption.

Anil ridiculed that if you search google for Pappu, we will get the photo and details of Lokesh. Lokesh hit back by saying if we search google for 420 we will get the details of Jagan and his photo. He also added that if we search of Nellore Rowdy we will get the details of Anil Yadav.

It looked like Loeksh and Minister Yadav stripped each other openly wiht the wordy duel in the council hall.

The real issues were just buried aside and both the YSRC and TDP leaders hurled abuses at each other.