Jaanu Movie Review


Sharwanand and Samantha have done well to keep the movie in a steady form. Jaanu the latest movie from Dil Raju is slow but steady. It is about a travel photographer.

Sharwa the photographer meets his lady love of eh school days and the story moves on. The movie is actually remade from the blockbuster called as 96 after two years.

People who have not seen 96 will love it. Sometimes you became emotional as well as enjoy the movie. You cannot forget some scenes after coming out of the movie.

Both Samantha and Sharwa have done justice to their roles. Dil Raju was apt in selecting Samantha for the role. For some time they think that they lost each other and then find themselves together in love.

How they continue with it is the story. It is a different kind of movie. The songs are situational. The story is weaved by the director in such a form.

Overall it is a good movie. It is not a movie with regular mass masala.

Starring: Sharwanand -Samantha
Producer: Dil Raju
Direction: Prem Kumar
Music: Govind Vasanth