IYR Krishan Rao joins the BJP

IYR Krishan Rao

IYR Krishna Rao who was Chief Secretary to AP Government earlier and also managed the show at TTD has joined the BJP in front of the chief Amit Shah. IYR is a serious critic of Chandrababu and he knows ins and outs of the Government. He was opposing the way Amaravathi is being built and charged that corruption was involved in building Amaravthi and that the tender process was not transparent.

He found fault with the AP Government on various issues and also challenged Chandrababu to come clean. Now Amit Shah thought it fit, to field IYR against Babu so that IYR will expose the AP Government and its deeds in open. It is reported that IYR will also be used in campaigning for the Telangana elections.

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IYR was also at the helm of affairs at the AP Brahmanacorporation and he was removed unceremoniously. From then onwards he has exposed babu on several fronts by holding press conferences. He was also instrumental in filing several cases against the AP Government. He is also opposing the ways and means by which the TTD is being run.