Ivanka visits Golkonda

Ivanka Trump visits Golkonda Fort

Ivanka Trump was to visit Charminar, but she wanted to see Golkonda. Ivanka reached Golkonda around 3 pm and was there about half an hour.

Ivanka was accompanied by her guide and also a local guide who explained her about the speciality and history of Golkonda here. She came in a convoy and with heavy security ring thrown around her.

Ivanka Trump visits Golkonda Fort

First, the area was checked by our DGP and other police. Later an advance team of US security sleuths arrived at the fort and checked the area.

Next, after some time, the convoy of Ivanka arrived. Ivanka was shown how the security was alerted in the fort by clapping from the bottom.

The State Government, on the other hand, is hosting a grand gala dinner here at the Golkonda fort for the GES delegates. Ivanka is not attending the dinner.Golkonda or Gollakonda ruled by Gollas is situated 11 kilometres from Hyderabad city and was the capital of the sultanate of the Qutb Shahi dynasty (1518 to 1687). The region is surrounded by its mines which has produced famous gems such as the Koh-i-Noor.

She will fly out of Hyderabad by this evening or night it is reported. The flight will be from Shamshad airport.