ivanka trump

Ivanka Trump the daughter of US President Donald Trump has tested negative for Corona. One of her personal assistants tested positive for Corona.

One of the Trumps Aids also tested positive for Corona. The White House has been testing the staff on a daily basis for the Corona Virus. Most of them have tested negative, but the personal assistant of USA President and her daughters have tested positive and this is alarming.

From then onwards, the white house has been taking it seriously to test all the staff for the Coronavirus. Meanwhile, America continues to reel under trouble.

Thousands of deaths have been reported from NewYork city. But lockdown is being opened to see that the business continues. Trump said that the business has to move on.

They cannot lockdown America in the name of Corona. The deal y in Lockdown has caused many deaths the experts. say. Some of the doctors also died de to Corona in America.

But all said and done Trump and his family members are free from Corona. They are being tested da in and day out. His personal staff are also being tested and allowed into the white house.

All precautionary measures are being taken to see that Corona does not spread in the white house.