Its TRS all the way in GHMC:Hushar Hyderabad


All the exit polls have indicated that the TRS is going to get the majority of the seats and the mayor will be from the TRS. As predicted by KT Rama Rao the Minister for IT and Municipal administration the lady from the TRS will be the Mayor.

It could be the wife for Mayor Bonthu Rammohan. The triangular fight in many divisions has paid rich dividends to the TRS voting. Majlis may get around 40 divisions as predicted earlier. The Majlis has done well in the last one hour and they are going to get the targeted divisions.

The law and order also gave votes to the TRS. The Congress divided the votes and the TRS got all the benefit. The BJP also improved its presence in the Hyderabad city.

Even if it gets 30 divisions it is a bonus to the BJP. The votes counting will begin at 8 am on 4th. Most of the exit polls are giving more than 75 seats to the TRS.

The exit polls show that the Rs 10000 did not make any difference as predicted earlier. The Congress is nowhere in the GHMC election while the TDP has been wiped away by the voters.