trs vs congress

The election at Huzurnagar has become a bit tough now. The election observers have also become strict and the political parties are unable to spend money as they like.

The election commission is counting all the big meeting of the top guns and sending them huge bills.

The roadshow of KTR has costed lakhs of rupees and goes into the account of TRS candidate.

Now they have become cautious. There will be only one more meeting of KCR here as the final meeting. Harish Rao has been drafted for 2 days in Huzurnagar.

The support of the communists is doubtful. In one way they are supporting the RTC strike and the other way they are supporting the TRS candidate. The people are seeing through the double standards of the red party here.

There is no guarantee if KCR would to come to Huzurnagar or not. The TRS lost the election with a slender margin last time. But now the TDP,BJP is making it tough for the TRS. They will just divide the votes in favour of Congress.

But the TRS has its own strategies and KTR is sure that they would win the election at any cost. There is a chance that the RTC strike also will have a bearing on the election here in Huzurnagar.

The election is scheduled for 21st and is supposed to be the costliest election of recent times. Both the Congress and the TRS are staking everything at their disposal for winning the election.