Its too big- No sex
Its too big- No sex

Size does matter and while people and products across the world seek and promise to increase the size of people’s penises, an attempt to reduce the size of his manhood landed a young man from Kenya in a grave situation.

In what is known to be the first of its kind case in Kenya, a mystery condition has left the man unable to have sex or have babies since his penis is too big. The enormous member, which hangs below his knees, has left turned life upside down for the 20-year-old.

Apart from the drastic effect on his sex life, Sorence Owiti Opiyo also had to drop out of school since the condition led to relentless bullying. He is still trying to figure out how he can continue living a normal life with the large penis.

Sorence was hit by an illness 10 year ago, as it led to swelling that triggered incredible growth of his penis. He took treatment for the condition and also had an operation, but his member kept on growing and is now almost 10 times the size of a normal penis.

Sorence is unable to wear shorts or trousers since they are too small to fit his manhood and is now about to undergo another surgery at a hospital in Kisumu, Kenya. The family is asking well wishers for financial help.