Its time for Trump to say Goodbye!


Joe Biden is leading the Presidential race in America. Donald Trump on the other hand has alleged that Electoral malpractices have taken place in many states.

Trump is planning to approach the Court seeking justice. Top Republicans have lashed out at the Trump and refused to back Trump.

Joe Biden on the other hand is leading with the 264 electoral votes.

Biden has asked his supporters to remain patient till every vote is counted in America. Trump is just at 214 electoral votes. 5 key battleground states are counting the votes.

The Counting of votes in Georgia is going on and if Trump loses this, it could be the end of the road for Trump. Biden is leading in Nevada
. There is some uncertainty in some key battleground states. Both Trump and Biden are neck to neck with a razor thin margin for Biden.
The electoral result still hangs in balance and the situation is very tense across America.

By Saturday the position could be clear, if the court clears the proceedings. It looks like there will no peaceful transfer of power in America. Trump is planning to go for a legal battle.

Trump demanded that the counting should be stopped, but the courts refused to do so. Both the Republicans and Democrats are bracing up for the legal showdown.

It might take some more time for the final verdict in America. While Biden is waiting patiently for the outcome, Trump is frustrated and has lodged complains in 3 courts.

The Court has already refused to stop the voting.